Accent Stones

Accent Stone Molds

A range of molds producing individually shaped message stones.

Ideal for placement in and around the garden to add interest and a talking point.

Molds are manufactured from heavy duty polyform materials, giving high definition of both the design and lettering.

Available as set or individually.


ORDER CODE Inscriptions
32 MES 20 May the Sun Always Brighten Your Path
32 MES 30 A Beam of Sunshine, A Drop of Rain, A Loving Touch
32 MES 40 Happiness is a Flower in Bloom
32 MES 50 Friendship is a Sheltering Tree
32 MES 60 Grow Old with Me ... the Best is Yet to Be
32 MES 70 Welcome
32 MES 80 Flowers Are Like Children... They Grow Strong with Love
32 MES 90 Starter Set - 7 Accent Stone Molds

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